Product Comparison

Partial Customer List

  • Cintas Various Locations
  • Delta Airlines Various Locations
  • Duck Commander Monroe, LA
  • Federal Bureau of Prisons Pennsylvania
  • FedEX Various Locations
  • Frito Lay Texas
  • General Mills Arkansas
  • Hewlett Packard Texas
  • Husqvarna Outdoor ProductsGeorgia
  • Nestle Spain
  • Raytheon Various Locations
  • Sunny Delight GA
  • University of Guelph Ontario, Canada
  • UPS Various Locations


Because all materials diminish with time, ENERGY STAR® provides two cool roof product rating measures:

  1. A Proven initial minimum cooling standards requirement for new products prior to exposure. This is what most manufactures will show you in their literature.
  2. More importantly, and often not mentioned, it also rates product performance after aging and constant exposure to the elements.

Topps Seal®—together with our other cool roof coating products—continues to exceed performance standards after aging, well beyond existing government standards. When comparing manufacturers, be sure to look for the after-aging results.

With Topps®, we consider performance after aging more important than when a product is new. New is a short-lived window of time when it comes to roof performance. Longer lasting performance matters much more. Topps® technology is built on 100% synthetic ingredients and has been carefully engineered to last.

ASTM – Acrylic vs. 100% rubber, water-free roof coatings

The chart below shows ASTM Miami/Dade standards (left column), a certification required for products to be used under the most demanding conditions of the tropics. The corresponding certified physical properties for Topps Seal® are in the right column.

Topps exceeds industry standards in every category. You’ll see why we are one of the most trusted names in the roof coatings industry.